Medical care practitioner advocating for their patient.

Advocating for

Our core value to "Serve and create value for patients" inspires our collaborative advocacy efforts to improve patients' lives. As part of our commitment to help people who are living with serious medical conditions, Sunovion partners with patient advocacy organizations on research, educational and awareness efforts.

Coworkers supporting one another and working together.

Our People

Sunovion values and respects the differences of our people and nurtures a diverse, collaborative and open company culture. We foster an inclusive environment which allows diversity to flourish across the programs we support internally and externally.

Corporate Compliance & Ethics

We act with the highest standards and are guided by our Code of Conduct and Ethics. If you wish to submit a report anonymously through Sunovion's Compliance Hotline, please contact:

Phone: (800) 461-9330

Web: Ethics Hotline